Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Kit Independence Day
Freebie Kit Independence Day.
I hope you liked .
Download here or here .

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  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger krissej69

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful kit! I love the star pin & the stars too! Happy 4th of July!

  • At 10:48 PM, Anonymous matsugirl

    Thank you for sharing your pretty kit.

  • At 11:32 PM, Blogger Maria

    Your post has been added to the list of freebies at - Thanks!

  • At 1:12 AM, Anonymous Vicki (Chickivaney)

    This is a great kit! Thanks so much.

  • At 4:32 AM, Blogger Deborah Misfit

    Very pretty - thanks so much for sharing it!

  • At 7:09 AM, Blogger Scrapcat4914

    TY so very much!!!!!!!!!

  • At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    I love this kit, thank you for sharing.

  • At 10:15 AM, Anonymous MaggieM

    Thank you for this beautiful Independence Day Kit.

  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger PSharp

    Thank you for the wonderful kit.

  • At 10:25 PM, Blogger Fishinmom

    Thank you for another wonderful kit Carla!


  • At 8:49 AM, Blogger Renata Pamplona

    Carla brigada por mais um maravilhoso kit!


  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger Twinmfg

    You did a wonderful job! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I look forward to playing with it.

  • At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice! Good on the colors, not to bright, not to much grey and not the icky pastels either. :-)